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Frequently Asked Questions

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When are your tours?

Our tours are on the half hour. Monday through Saturday, our tours start at 10am and the last tour is 4pm. Sundays, the first tour is at 12 noon and the last tour is at 3:30pm.

Do you have to schedule tours?

You do not have to schedule tours with us. Just pop in whenever suits you best.

How much do tours and tastings cost?

Tours and tasting are complimentary! Feel free to stop by any time to tour our facility and to try our delicious fruit wines.

Can I taste the wine before I go on the tour?

Unfortunately, no. We have to reserve tasting for after the tour due to safety reasons. However, the tour is not mandatory if you prefer just to taste the wine

I purchased a Groupon, do I need to schedule a tour? What do I do when I get to the winery?

You do not need to schedule a tour if you purchased a Groupon. When you arrive to the winery, tell one of us that you do have a Groupon, and we will take care of the rest!

Can kids go on the tour?

Yes! Those under 21 may go on the winery tour, but while everyone tastes the wine, we do ask that the kids not be directly on or touching the tasting bar.

How do I make those delicious wine smoothies? What is the recipe?

Making our wine smoothies is easy! Whichever flavor smoothie mix and wine combination you like, mix ½ c. of smoothie mix, ½ c. of wine, and 2 ½ c. of crushed ice in the blender. If you forget or need easier access to this recipe, you can find it right on the side of the smoothie bottle!

Do you ship?

Yes! We do ship! Visit our website to place an order to be shipped

We cannot ship to the following states: Arkansas, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota

Why can’t ship to certain states?

Some counties in these states are dry counties. Trying to obtain a shipping permit for these states has proven to be difficult.

I'm from out of town and visiting St. Pete, what are some fun things to do near the winery?

Check out the news section on our website! There are a few recommended places to check out! Things to do Nearby

Can I come pick oranges and visit your orange groves?

Despite our name, we actually do not have orange groves on property or elsewhere. We do have an orange wine as well as fresh squeezed orange juice when it is in season.

Do you still sell icecream?

Unfortunately, we do not still sell ice cream.

Where do you get the grapes for your wine?

Most of our wines are actually made from fruit juice. We do have two grape wines made from muscadine grapes. Those wines are Sinfully Noble and Sinfully Noble Dry. Our muscadine grapes that we use to make our wine come from Florida. Muscadine grapes are sturdy enough to endure Florida weather. We

Where do you get the fruit that you make your wine with?

We get our fruit from all over the country! We try to get our juice to make our wine from as many local places as possible, but some growing conditions are simply better in other states.

Where else can I buy your wine?

We sell a select amount of our wines at Total Wine. We also have a list of distributors on our website:

Do you have any dry wines like a cabernet or chardonnay?

Due to the fruit based nature of our wines, most of them are on the sweeter side. We do not have anything that resembles a dry red or a dry white. We do offer some wines in a dry version. Additionally, our citrus wines (like Key Limen and Florida Fever) and sparkling wines have a drier quality to them.

Do you have a question that wasn't listed above? Feel free to call in to the store 727-347-4025


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