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Find the Perfect Pair: Our Fruit Wine and Food Pairings

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Why should pairing a wine be difficult? Our wines do not require complicated pairings because they taste great no matter what dish you decide to pair with them!

Here are a few suggested pairings:

Appetizer and Hors D'oeuvres ideas:

Hot Sun, Blueberry Blue, Black Gold Dry:

Creamy cheeses, samosas, mac & cheese bites

Find the recipe here

Lunch ideas:

Orange Sunshine Semi-Sweet paired with a Blackened Grouper Sandwich

Find the recipe here

Dinner ideas:

Blueberry Blue Dry paired with Chicken Alfredo

Find the recipe here

Dessert ideas:

Tropical Banana, Cocoa Beach, Midnight Sun:

Desserts like ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and tiramisu

Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert Bars

Find the recipe here

Or try these ice cream and wine pairings!

Our King Kiwi drinks like a riesling and would pair well with a creamsicle pop

Our Sinfully Noble Dry drinks like a cab and would pair well with a Klondike bar

Our Watermelon drinks like a Zinfandel and would pair well with Strawberry Shortcake bars

Our Flamingo Fling Port would pair well with Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia

Our White Gold drinks like a moscato and would pair well with mint chocolate chip ice cream

Want more information on how to be a wine and food pairing expert?

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